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“This shirt has to show everything there is to know about me,

my absolute coolness, and demonstrate my abilities

to reach the highest rung on the in-crowd ladder.”


Middle schoolers face a tornado of questions every day.

What do I wear?

What if I wear the wrong thing?

What is she wearing?

What do I look like?

Stop looking at me!

Hoodie examines image and appearance in the vignette style and poses what may be the most difficult question of all –

Do I stay in the clump or do I stand alone?

Open to kids 9 years and up

Rehearsals begin 10/11 and run each Friday from 6-7:30

West End Theater

Show December 6th 7:00 PM

Program Fee: $75 (includes script and Tshirt)

Directed by Marie Hacker

Step 1: Register

Step 2: Download and print Code of Conduct to return on the first day of the Program.

Step 3: Payment

Your registration will not be accepted without a proper form of payment.  If you would rather mail your payment, please send an email to to let us know then send your payment to:

The Hope and Harmony PAC

6161 Murphy Drive

Auburn, NY 13021

Attention: Hoodie Registration 

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